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Bo & Arrow is a non-profit organization that encourages and equips individuals to develop the best version of themselves. Through carefully curated events and seminars its subsidiary company’s explore both creative and therapeutic aspects of personal development.

BosKidz exist to develop confidence, creative thinking, self-esteem and leadership through fun-filled theatre art activities and projects. Whether a kid desire to pursue a career in theatre arts or just needs an opportunity to come out of their shell, #BosKidz is the kidz club for the job!

A platform/environment which creates an experience for women to reshape how they view themselves with a focus to Heal no matter how painful it is; Evolve by not dwelling on the why and who’s to blame; and Remember who you were before you were caught in the whirlwind called life!

Bonita Marie

CEO and Founder

CEO & Cofounder For over two decades, Bonita Marie has cultivated the hearts and minds of individuals through theatrical performances and topic driven events. Her natural skill for talent and leadership is regarded by many across the country.

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